LAUNCHING IDEASانطلق بالأفكار

Get the latest updates on the 4 winners as they turn their dreams into a reality. Follow the development of their projects here and be inspired by their stories.احصل على آخر أخبار الرابحين الأربعة وهم في مرحلة الانطلاق بأفكارهم إلى أرض الواقع. تابع تطور مشاريعهم هنا واستلهم دروساً من قصصهم.

Meet The Winnersتعرّف على الرابحين

Ideas were shared, votes were casted and now, here are the 4 winners who will get to turn their ideas into a reality. In the following weeks, the winners will team up with their respective mentors and Samsung to launch their ideas.بعد الانتهاء من مشاركة الأفكار وتسجيل الأصوات، ها هم الرابحون الأربعة الذين سيحولون أفكارهم إلى واقع ملموس. وستشهد الاسابيع المقبلة، حركة لقاءات بين الرابحين ومستشاريهم وسامسونج تهدف لإطلاق مشروعاتهم.

  • Janani Ram
    Idea: My Visual Companion | Category: Invention
    جناني رام
    الفكرة: رفيقي البصري | الفئة: الاختراع

  • Abrar Ali
    Idea: Theatrical Costume Design | Category: Fashion
    أبرار علي
    الفكرة: تصميم أزياء مسرحية | الفئة: الأزياء

  • Ismail Issa
    Idea: Tarifah | Category: Start Up
    اسماعيل عيسى
    الفكرة: تعرفة | الفئة: ريادة الأعمال

  • Sarvjit Singh
    Idea: Learning on the Go | Category: Education
    سارجيت سينغ
    الفكرة: التعلم أثناء التنقل | الفئة: التعليم


Working closely with the winners, our mentors will be lending their expertise and experience to ensure a successful outcome.سيوفر مستشاروناً الذين عملوا جنباً إلى جنب مع الرابحين كل ما لديهم من خبرة لضمان نتيجة مذهلة.

  • Dino Varkey
    دينو فاركي

  • Fadi Malas
    Start Up
    فادي ملص
    ريادة الأعمال

  • Mohammed Saeed Harib
    محمد سعيد حارب

  • Reema Al Banna
    ريما البنّا

Launch Guide

We all have dreams, ideas and potential. Share yours and we can help you launch them.

  • About Launching People

    What is Launching People?

    At Samsung, we see people with amazing potential. People like you with great ideas and dreams to realise. And when our technology meets those ideas, amazing things can happen. That’s why we don’t just launch products. We launch people. With the support of mentors and our technology, Samsung will launch the ideas of 4 people and turn them into a reality. Submit your idea to any one of our 3 project categories: Arts & Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, and Sports or support a project. And we could be launching them sooner than you think!

    How does the program work?


    • Submit your project
      (1 idea per Facebook account)

    • Support a project

    DATE: 23 Jan to 8 Mar 2014


    • Shortlist 9 projects
      (2 ideas from each category)

    • Public to vote for the 3 finalists

    DATE: 9 Mar to 15 Mar 2014

    DATE: 16 Mar to 30 Mar 2014


    • Announce 3 finalists

    DATE: 9 Apr 2014 onwards

    Why should I Launch Myself?

    Have you got an idea you’re aching to achieve? An ambition to create something wonderful for yourself or your community? The more you convince the world, the more likely you are to get the help you need to realise your passion.

    Media Platform to Promote Yourself

    Win Samsung Products

    Experienced Mentors To Guide You.

    Training Course To Grow Your Skills

    Be a supporter

    Even if you haven’t got that idea, you can still help launch greatness by just clicking support and becoming part of something incredible.

  • Make the most of your application

    Get inspired

    Check out Alfred’s story. He won an international photography competition and created the possibility of achieving his long held dream of becoming a professional, just by taking photos on his Samsung mobile.

    Make it visual

    A great image attached to your project creates a great first impression of your idea. Choose one that perfectly sums it up, as well as reflecting your personality.

    Make it move

    YouTube clips can get millions of views. An engaging video attached to your project can make all the difference.

    Keep it simple

    The best ideas exist in a single sentence. Be inspirational, but concise.

    Share it

    Share your idea with the world. Get your friends and family to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Making a great video

    A video brings your project to life. Here are a few tips:

    • Keep it short. Two minutes is plenty.

    • Film in good lighting.

    • Check your audio. Make sure it’s clear, not distorted.

    • A soundtrack works wonders but remember you need to hear your voiceover too.

    • Think of non-traditional techniques to stand out – animation maybe?

    • Add titles - they’re easy to make and keep things clear.

  • A Few Rules

    • All changes will be autosaved. That means you can exit, and return later to make changes.

    • Each person can only submit one project.

    • Once you submit your project, no more changes can be made.

    • Once your project is submitted, we’ll take some time to check it.

    • Keep it clean or it won’t fly.